Layer 7 Innovation Prioritizes Cyber Security and Enhances Risk Management Strategies: Mr. Tiranjan Bulankulame

As a better alternative to traditional security approaches, Layer 7 Innovations introduced Sound Cyber Security Control Solutions to protect the tech perimeter of an enterprise. The company enthusiastically works with its Cyber Security Arm - 'Cyber Cop' to safeguard businesses, and companies, ensuring no disruption to their unplanned expenses and operations.

Team GoodFirms got a chance to interview Mr. Tiranjan Bulankulame, the CEO and Director of Layer 7 Innovation Inc, where he discussed the formation, success, and essential role of the cyber security solutions implemented by the company in helping its client businesses. Let's explore how the company benefits its vast clientele with a mix of extraordinary Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality based solutions.

Layer 7 is a Toronto-based software and web development company established in 2014. It develops fantastic offshore-software solutions to bring responsible and sustainable change for people through technology. It works hard to introduce cyber security measures into the organization's operational activities to reduce its overall exposure to cyber risk.

Mr. Tiranjan Bulankulame - A Man Behind Super Security Innovations

Layer 7's CEO & Director, Mr. Bulankumale, is a qualified accountant and a tech professional and has been pioneering innovative methods and techniques for 20 years to develop solutions that simplify human and business needs. He has been connected to many local and multinational technology companies and is well aware of today's industry trends and demands.

Mr. Tiranjan Bulankulame very early realized that the demand for modern technology would surge with time and simultaneously the need to implement cyber security controls to safeguard organizations. Hence, he passionately worked towards developing software solutions that meet organizations' rising security control demands and has established his network in Sri Lanka. Today, the company locates and runs its operations from Toronto, Colombo, and Bangkok offices, building resilient infrastructure, promoting sustainable and inclusive industrialization, and fostering innovation.

Company's Business Model and Functionality

While asked about the business model of the company, Mr. Bulankulame affirms that Layer 7 Innovations follows a complete in-house business model for meeting the needs of their client projects. The highly skilled team of professionals facilitates everything from product design to final product development and release. From the perspective of a cyber security expert, the team is well qualified and versatile in their domain to provide in-house comprehensive cyber security solutions.

One-Stop Technology Solutions for Businesses

“We assure efficient, effective high quality technology solutions focussing on providing the best end-user experience at affordable cost. Being a sole destination for all the technology solution requirements of our customers makes us different from our counterparts,” says Mr. Tiranjan Bulankulame.

Mr. CEO confirms that being a one-stop solution provider for all technology solutions is their strength to deal with the market competition. Generally, the company is asked to supply generic tech solutions, mobile applications or Fintech solutions, AR or VR solutions, Cyber Security, IoT, and UI/UX solutions. The essential resources of the company are based in Colombo, Sri Lanka, which helps the company to offer an affordable and appealing cost to their customers by assuring them to have a competitive edge in the industry.

The company is recognized and appreciated as the top Bubble CMS Developer in Toronto by GoodFirms which shows how efficiently it has gained reputation as a versatile technology partner for small, medium and large companies.

Additionally, the client review below is the perfect example of how Layer 7 values its customers and works hard to fulfill their business needs.

Serving Various Industries with Customer-Centric Approach

As per Mr. Tiranjan Bulankulame, Layer 7 Innovations primarily caters to clients from banking & finance, shopping & retail, FinTech, HR solutions & services, software & technology, food & beverages, education institutes, and travel tech, etc. sectors. The company proudly owns a 75% repetitive customer base, and the most demanded services offered by the company include software solutions, mobile applications, and cybersecurity-related services.

Mr. Bulankulame claims to secure a 100% client satisfaction rate. One of the essential methods is referrals and recommendations through which the company secures most of its clients, and existing clients are especially thanked for the same.

The most exciting thing is that the client support system offered by the company starts with initiating the product lifecycle to post-implementation. Clients are constantly updated about the project's progress by clarifying all their concerns and queries. From a detailed and structured discussion to understanding client vision from their business's point of view, relevant solutions are built and served with sufficient immediacy.

Payment Structure

As Mr. CEO affirmed, the company charges a mobilization fee from every client at the beginning of the project, which accounts for up to 30 to 35% of the total project cost. The remaining cost is collected after achieving two or more predefined project milestones, whatever is mentioned in the deal. And the average project price ranges between US$ 25 To US$ 30 per hour.

Mr. Tiranjan Bulankulame gladly shared the company's vision and mission for better future growth. He foresees Layer 7 Innovations to reach a net worth of USD 10 million in the next ten years.

Here concludes an excerpt of Mr. Tiranjan Bulankulame’s interview. The detailed interview can be found at Layer 7 Innovation’s company profile page at GoodFirms.

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